At Augmented World Expo (AWE 2022), Vimmerse is announcing enhancements to our end-to-end platform API, SDK, and app offering for 3D immersive video capture, sharing, and playback.

  • iPhone 3D capture app and SDK
  • Windows 3D Azure Kinect DK capture app and SDK
  • Windows 3D player app and SDK
  • Updated Android 3D player app and SDK
  • Support for DepthKit Studio capture (w/ multiple Azure Kinect DKs) in Freeport content preparation platform APIs

The capture and player apps are currently freely available, at Website access to the Freeport platform is also freely available at, where you can upload your own captured test content and stream or download it from the Vimmerse website.

Developers can contact us at to request trial access to the Freeport platform APIs and the player and capture SDKs.

Technology demonstration videos

New demonstration videos highlight content captured with Depthkit studio with multiple Kinect DKs and processed using Vimmerse technology.

Immerse yourself in a martial arts experience in 3D immersive video, with real fighters in a real dojo captured by real cameras with depth sensors.

Watch dancers on a dance floor from any angle, captured with six Kinect DK cameras/depth sensors.

Vimmerse end-to-end APIs, SDKs, and apps

Vimmerse offers APIs, SDKs, and apps supporting a full end-to-end solution for 3D immersive video capture, content preparation, streaming, and playback.  Developers can integrate Vimmerse SDKs & APIs into their own branded solution.

We utilize the new MPEG Immersive Video (MIV) standard (, which represents full scenes captured by one or more cameras + depth sensors and is not limited to isolated individual people. Existing video codecs (H.264, HEVC, …) and streaming protocols (HLS) are used in Vimmerse’s solution, for easy integration into existing video delivery systems.

Vimmerse offers multi-platform support, with a wide variety of capture and playback devices, including third party capture solutions.

Vimmerse 3D video capture apps and SDKs

Capture 3D video using the Vimmerse capture apps or integrate the Vimmerse capture SDK in your own app. Simplify content creation with direct uploading of captured video to the Vimmerse Freeport cloud platform.


The iOS Vimmerse 3D capture app for iPhone 12+ Pro/ProMax captures 3D video using the built-in LiDAR sensor and ARKit.  

Windows Kinect DK    

The Windows Vimmerse 3D capture app works with an Azure Kinect DK.  Future releases will add capture support for multiple Azure Kinect DKs.

The Vimmerse capture apps are currently freely available. Third party capture solutions continue to be supported in our Freeport platform, including Record3D for iOS and DepthKit for Windows/Azure Kinect DK.

Depthkit Studio capture multi-Kinect DK support

The Freeport cloud platform now offers support for captures using Depthkit Studio with multiple Kinect DKs.  Instructions for use are available here.

Vimmerse Windows 3D player app and SDK

Playback 3D video streamed from the Vimmerse Freeport platform on a PC with viewer-controlled 6DoF navigation, using mouse or keyboard. The app is currently freely available at

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