3D Immersive Video

Vimmerse’s 3D immersive video technology lets you view a captured 3D video scene from any position or angle, providing an immersive experience that feels like being there.

Immerse yourself in a martial arts experience in 3D immersive video, with real fighters in a real dojo captured by real cameras with depth sensors.

Watch dancers on a dance floor from any angle, captured with six Kinect DK cameras/depth sensors.

Vimmerse end-to-end APIs, SDKs, and apps

Vimmerse offers APIs, SDKs, and apps supporting a full end-to-end solution for 3D immersive video capture, content preparation, streaming, and playback. Developers can integrate Vimmerse’s SDKs into their own branded services or can use Vimmerse’s apps. Contact us at info@vimmerse.net.

Vimmerse offers multi-platform support, for a wide variety of capture and playback devices, including third party capture solutions (Depthkit, Record3D).

Website access to the Freeport platform is also freely available at https://vimmerse.net, where you can upload your own captured test content and stream or download it from the Vimmerse website. See the Freeport Platform Usage Instructions to prepare and upload your own content.

MPEG Immersive Video (MIV) standard

Vimmerse utilizes the new MPEG Immersive Video (MIV) standard (https://mpeg-miv.org/), which can represent 3D scenes captured by one or more cameras + depth sensors, in any camera configuration.  Full scenes containing multiple people and objects and backgrounds can be captured and played, unlike volumetric video capture studios with inward facing cameras and green screens, which typically capture isolated individual people.  

Existing video codecs (H.264, HEVC, …) and streaming protocols (HLS) are used in Vimmerse’s solution, for easy integration into existing video delivery systems.

In Vimmerse’s MIV 3D immersive video player, a 2D viewport is rendered for viewing based upon the viewer’s 6 Degree of Freedom (6DoF) pose, indicating the (x, y, z) position and (pan, tilt, zoom) orientation. A small number of captured source views can be used to generate any number of viewports for any pose.  

3D Video and Bullet Video

Camera-captured 3D scenes can be played back with 6 Degrees of Freedom. Two modes of operation are supported:

  • 3D video: viewers control 6 DoF navigation. Vimmerse 3D video player required.
  • Bullet video: creators control 6 DoF navigation. Backwards compatible with existing video players.

Vimmerse 3D video capture apps and SDKs

Capture 3D video using the Vimmerse capture apps or integrate the Vimmerse capture SDKs in your own app. More information about the Vimmerse apps is available at https://vimmerse.net/apps.


The iOS Vimmerse 3D capture app for iPhone 12+ Pro/ProMax captures 3D video using the built-in LiDAR sensor and ARKit.  

Windows Kinect DK

The Windows Vimmerse 3D capture app works with an Azure Kinect DK.  Future releases will add capture support for multiple Azure Kinect DKs.

Depthkit Studio capture multi-Kinect DK support

The Freeport cloud platform offers support for captures using Depthkit Studio with multiple Kinect DKs. Instructions for use are available here.

The Martial Arts and Dance demonstration videos highlight content captured with Depthkit studio with multiple Kinect DKs and processed using Vimmerse technology.

Vimmerse Player apps and SDKs

Playback 3D video streamed from the Vimmerse Freeport platform with the Vimmerse player apps for Android and Windows . Future releases will support playback on iOS and Unity.

Viewers control 6 Degree of Freedom (6DoF) navigation using swiping on the Android player, or using mouse and/or keyboard on the Windows PC player.

More information about the player apps is available at https://vimmerse.net/apps. To trial the player SDKs, contact us at info@vimmerse.net.